Hey there!

Hey there!

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This all started because I needed a real change in my life. I was feeling stuck and uninspired in life and knew something needed to change.I was so tired of living paycheck to paycheck, having to wonder if I would ever be able to pay off my debt. Or if I’d ever NOT live paycheck to paycheck and have a comfortable salary or income.

It all started with one decision, finding a remote job. A series of events led me to a job almost tripling my income, paying of close to 20,000 dollars of debt (I’m debt free other than my mortgage now!). There’s so much more to the story you can read about here if you want the deets (it’s not all sunshine and rainbows).

In all honesty, I didn’t care about money and I’m not materialistic. I just know how much peace being financially stable has brought me. To be in a position where if I lose my job, I know I can pay my bills for several months and not be stressed while job hunting is an amazingly comforting feeling.

I want everyone to feel this sense of relief, one that honestly I never knew money could bring. Money management, finding remote jobs, and so much more to hopefully inspire you to find purpose and peace within your life.